Black O ring Collar with Halloween Drippie set

Black O ring Collar with Halloween Drippie set

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Made from durable materials, it's easy to clean and sanitize with just soap and water, but can also hold up to heavier sanitizers. It is leash-compatible/leash-safe on both the front o ring, and back d rings.

• Heavy Duty • Vegan • Partyproof, Playproof, Waterproof •


This collar includes 4 snap-on Drippies, Blood Red, Slime Green, Glitter Slime Green, and Shimmery Black.


Standard Fit: 12-15 inches
Loose Fit: 11-13.5 inches

(Size Holes: 12.5-15.5 inches)



• Easy to clean: Waterproof & fully submersible

• Tug-proof

• Leash Compatible, Leash Safe

• Durable fade & chip resistant powder coated steel hardware.

• Removable & interchangeable Snap-On Drippies



• 3/4in wide Biothane strap

• Powder coated steel hardware

• 1.5in (outer diameter) welded center o ring

• Removable Epoxy Drippies (colored with vegan oxide pigments)